Motor Bike Loans

If you need to buy a motorbike personally or for business we’ve got a solution for you. 

Secured Loan For Consumer

If you are a consumer on wages or salary, this is the most common type of loan to finance a motorcycle for personal use. The loan will be a Fixed Rate, can generally be provided with or without deposit depending on your circumstances. It can be used to purchase a New or Used motorcycle from a Dealer or Private source. The Term of the Loan can be adjusted to suit your situation, usually between 2 to 5 years, but can also be extended to 7 years on a New vehicle.


Chattel Mortgage (CM) For Business

The Chattel Mortgage product, is when a mortgage is placed over goods to be financed. A Chattel Mortgage is classed as a cash sale in that the goods will automatically become your property on purchase and the finance company takes a mortgage over the chattels. You can claim depreciation, running costs and interest paid, against your business income. The chattel mortgage allows your business to claim the full input tax credit from GST incurred expenses immediately (next BAS statement). (refer to your tax advisor or accountant).


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