Sick of fighting with the bank and getting nowhere?

Loans for those who need a second chance.

There can be several reasons why you have bad credit. Some of these out of your control.

  • Made silly choices when you were younger and now the cracks are showing
  • Had a relationship breakdown and the financial split didn’t go well for you
  • Had a tragic circumstance in your family and you just couldn’t deal with the finances
  • Been badly injured and couldn’t continue working

So, the banks won’t touch you. Don’t despair yet.  We have options available to you that the banks don’t.

We can run your circumstances past the criteria for many more lenders to find a specialist solution that could work for you.  We look at your individual circumstances.

The good news …

We can do this without it further damaging your credit score if, for some reason, we can’t help you.

You’ve got nothing to lose and much to gain.

We can consider you for:

  • Vehicle Loans
  • Home Loans
To start from the beginning, the first time my husband and I met with Walter, we were in a pretty messy financial situation.

We had 3 credit cards totally maxed out, 2 personal loans and a lease plan arrangement. We also had a small child. In our attempt to get some advice we met with Walter. He sked us what we would like to achieve, “what are your financial goals” he asked. At that time in our lives, we were both working full time, wanting to buy an investment property at some stage, but most importantly, reduce our outgoing payments to debt.

After providing all the financial information to Walter and after he had picked himself up off the floor, we got serious and within minutes Walter had a solution for us to tidy everything up and look at saving some money. We were so happy with the outcome and things were looking up.

As time progressed we were in need of an upgrade for a second hand car. After days of searching ourselves, we rang Walter and he had a fantastic deal ready for us with a dealership within 3 days. Absolutely brilliant. We wondered why we wasted time looking ourselves.

Our next call on Walter was to take the plunge and purchase ourselves a home. We were relocating with work and therefore the time was right. We called Walter and explained our needs, within days we had a building commitment under way and once again Walter was fantastic with the finance loan. We signed up for a mortgage with repayments that met our budget perfectly, as it always has, every time.

Our most recent liaison with Walter was to do another upgrade with one of our older vehicles that we have had since we met Walter. This time we called Walter straight away and once again, Walter hit our target budget, to the dollar and we now have a great little car for our family, saving on fuel as well. Winning!

Chantelle O’Brien & Brendan Dhu

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